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Anna Faye Lieberman

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"Anna Faye Lieberman is one of the greatest young talents on the Philadelphia stage" 
-Barrymore Awards Voter

Fun Fact: I love Twin Peaks so much, my dog's name is Dale Cooper. Would love to work with David Lynch.

You didn't think I would say this without posting a picture of Dale, right?

Hey, y'all! My name is Anna Faye Lieberman, and I am a scrappy, orange, theatre artist bopping between NYC and Philly. Passionate about the development of new works and the subversion of classics, I'm a grounded storyteller with deep roots, who helps shape characters with my expansive, wacky imagination and love for deep investigation of the human experience. I'm queer, got a little grit in my bones and I love cowboys. 

Some recent credits that SPEAK. TO. ME.

Rapunzel/Milky White/Cinderella's Mother in Into The Woods at Arden Theatre Co.

(dream track. got to be a soprano damsel-in-distress, an ethereal being in a tree, and. THE COW.)

Rena in Cowboy Bob (new musical directed by Annie Tippe, Polyphone Festival)

(a chili's waitress who has cowboy dreams, such as wanting to escape the monotony of her life and yodeling in Mexico. Part of a new musical festival where I got to help develop the piece, my FAVORITE type of work)

Medium Alison (u/s) Fun Home (Arden Theatre Co) 

(gotta love a queer self-realization moment through song)




Inis Nua's REMOUNT from 2022, 10 Dates with Mad Mary.
Sept 6th - Sept. 17th

Fergie's Pub

Directed by: KC MacMillan

Once known as the best fighter in her small hometown near Dublin, aggressive and foul-mouthed ‘Mad Mary’ McArtle has returned from a six-month stint in jail: a little older, not much wiser, and now an infamous local celebrity. Desperate to reconnect with old friends who’ve moved on from her antics, Mary sets out to prove she’s rehabilitated by finding a nice date to her best friend’s wedding. Maybe this fighter will finally meet her match.